In 1977, Star Wars turned out to be one of the greatest science fiction films in film history.Its technology is quite backward by today's standards,but its artistic conception and connotation are hard to transcend.So that in the next 40 years, countless directors paid tribute to it and even imitated it.
  On the IMDb's TOP 250 list, the "Star Wars" trilogy has been on the list, ranking 20th, 13th, and 76th respectively.Not only has Star Wars series received rave reviews, it's also been insanely successful at the box office.In 2015, Star Wars: episode VII grossed $2.07 billion worldwide, ranking third in film history.In 2016,Rogue One:A Star Wars Story earned $1.05 billion at the global box office, ranking 22nd in film history.Star Wars: episode VIII was released on December 15, 2017.As of January 5, the box office has reached $1.1 billion, ranking third in 2017, only second to Beauty and the Beast (1.26 billion) and Speed and Passion 8 (1.23 billion). Winning the championship is only a matter of time.
  As one of the largest movie IPs in the world, the whole world has undergone tremendous changes at the moment of the release of Star Wars in 1977.After watching this movie, a truck driver suddenly enlightened and found the direction of life.He immediately resigned and decided to change his career as a director.Seven years later, his Terminator was released worldwide.His name was remembered all over the world: James Cameron.Later, he directed Avatar and Titanic, which had a good reputation at the box office, and ranked first and second in the global box office.
  The lives of countless filmmakers have changed because of Star Wars.In addition, on May 4, 1979, Mrs. Thatcher was just elected the first female prime minister in the United Kingdom.To congratulate her on her election, the ruling party published a half-page advertisement in the London Evening News: May the Fourth Be With You.This sentence is adapted from the classic line of Star Wars :May the force be with you.Since then, on May 4th, in every corner of the world, there are loyal Star Wars fans shouting the phrase "May the force be with you" Over time, this day was officially designated as "Star Wars day".
Before watching Star Wars 8, you need to know these nouns and characters:
  The Force is a supernatural and ubiquitous mysterious force, an energy field created by all creatures.Simply put, the Force is equivalent to super power.
Jedi Knight
  The people who mastered the bright side of the Force are called Jedi Knights. Their weapons are called lightsabers, mainly in blue and green.
Luke Skywalker
  Luke Skywalker is the central figure in Star Wars,his first appearance was in Star Wars in 1977.He was a powerful Jedi knight who fought against Sith knights and the galactic empire before retiring.
Princess Leia
  Princess Leia is Luke’s sister of the twins.In Star Wars 7, she set up a resistance organization to fight against the first order.Princess Leia’s actor, Kelly Fisher, died before the release of Star Wars 8, so Star Wars 8 became the screen singer of Princess Leia. Lucasfilm has announced that Princess Leia will not appear in Star Wars 9.
Kelloh Ren
  Kello Ren was originally named Ben Solo, the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo.He was trained by Luke as a Jedi Knight, and later could not withstand the temptation of the Dark Force, blackened into a Sith Warrior, destroyed the entire Jedi Knights, and then played for the first order.In Star Wars 7, he personally killed his father Han Solo.
  In Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi Knights, the most concerned questions of Star Wars fans will reveal the answer.