Because it is absurd bullshit intended to placate dumb white people who can easily be vulnerable to this kind of marketing strategy. This marketing tactic where companies express commitments to fight injustice while avoiding specifics regarding what exactly is wrong, what Madden 21 coins should change, and exactly what they're going to do about it. Every single fucking company does this and it's empty rhetoric. They do not offer a single fuck. This is the identical EA that censored the word"Kaepernick" out of a song in numerous games now in a bid to avoid offending their delicate white player base. People catching that and calling it out is not nihilism. It is realism. What does saying something achieve?

Don't give corporations brownie points for doing the simplest thing. This is corporate slacktivism, all noise no action. Donations, crying out to sources people are able to use or contribute to themselves, doing anything with any substance more than stating"shouts out to oppressed minorities, we will wait to market to you till you have some attention to spare?" Or, the best case situation, just announcing a delay without tying it into something wholly unrelated to these except for the impact on their reveal. It is not, until they want to feign reevaluate their marketing plan is an act of solidarity. Solidarity simply means that they agree with their origin, and there's nothing that suggest they don't. Yes, there is, the fact that they have done nothing to benefit anyone but themselves. That they just delay it without asserting that delaying an advertisement is somehow"in solidarity" with Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins current protests. Don't be a fool that believes there is any burden whatsoever to some corporate entity"taking a side" by delaying marketing materials. I don't believe this is a bad thing or a good thing. It's a totally pointless, neutral item and EA deserves no credit for this.