Testoryl  of the bladder or cause the bladder muscle not to work at all so there are some patients who have no symptoms however they're not emptying their bladder at all and um they're losing strength of their bladder and that's when we need to intervene and those are the things that we need to prevent by intervening can bph affect quality of life yes it can so 95 of guys say they don't want to live like this anymore 49 say they experience sexual problems as um that's associated with their lower urinary tract symptoms 51 that it interferes with um some aspect of their normal life and then it can also affect partners um quality of life who gets it it's the most common for men over 50 years old so for instance 50 percent of men by age 60 will have the problem 90 of men by age 85 will have the problem in 2010 as many as 14 million men in the u.s had lawyer track symptoms what are the risk factors what can you do to try to reduce your risk