I chased I believe.What we fought and obtained implemented was offline itself. That still works fine, so I have no issue with EVE Echoes Items seeing my screen while I make the leap from null to lowsec. Changing to a travel match isn't unreasonable either.Once they fix gate guns you'll be safe in reduced sec for traveling.

All these EO gamers who are shitting on those who desired a light weight version of the game are only here playing Echoes since they could not cut it on the entire PC version... they couldn't flex there.. lmao... poor suckers.... They now have the mobile version to test to bend.... How lame and sad for all these lamo individuals...

I obtained camped traveling through lowsec a few times since the change happened. Thankfully I had been facing my screen and the camps were lazy, so I simply slammed warp stabs and managed to escape. Frigates may speedtank gate firearms at the moment (there are posts on this particular sub about it), and a lot of gate guns in lowsec are broken up at the moment and do not shoot.That's just a matter of time till this thing will disperse.

I played a great deal of EO back in the day, I can count on my fingers the number of times I have been gatecamped. It's not the huge scourge you believe it is. Nex you'll be saying it is unfair that warp disruptors exist.I have different experience in EO though. While both people can be a non representative choice, I believe elevated number of encounter runners visiting LS for experiences and storylines at the moment is going to be a lucrative target for Buy EVE Echoes ISK campers. Everyone's impression of how low sec gate camping will operate is based on EO. There's no sign low sec gate camping will become uncontrolled in EE.