I'll likely wind up OSRS gold runecrafting, to get it over with to the Karamja diary requirement. Also another thing. I preferred that more than BXP weekends, since it had a set quantity of Potential XP and a very long time limit to consume that possible XP, as an outcome not damaging the market as much or rewarding no-lifers/acc sharers over normal players. I would favor having events like this (but for many abilities, not just combat) much more than BXP weekends.

As it's been brought to many people's attention within the past month or so, freeplay, very simply sucks. Mainly due the the large number of suck and robots running a muck, making really playing near impossible. I was freeplay two years ago, and I spent almost 2 years playing that, and it was nothing like what happens now. It pretty much boils down to one big change: free commerce.

But in all honesty, does freeplay want free trade? While Jagex claims differently, freeplay after all is a lead up to members, the full version of the game. Argue with me if you prefer, but freeplayers will always be the lower one on the totem pole. Consider the benefits of eliminating free commerce to freeplayers: Less bots would be destroying actual playing. Even though some may refer to it as classic, getting scammed would be less of a problem, and newer players would be less prone to fall because of it.Do's -consistently give food when requested, you always get your food in gd and obviously they take more damage(proved ultimately at gd, keyer consistently has"meat-shield award") this even means giving the final of your meals, hoarding food rather than discussing is a huge disgrace. Tools and cosmics asap, no cash? Later buy as soon as u get cash. Make altar whenever most of staff is outside of pray. Gate without being told to gate! It helps by huge amounts, and always watch on the key on keyers inventory, announce exactly what u gate if necessary. Always mention what doorways you found that are not openable, if u see a gd immediately do it. Always make buy School RuneScape Gold pots when told, it will help a good deal.