Keto Advanced  change there's just a little bit that's still going to completely change the destination so I think that you touched on something really really important they're not only accepting that you know something small is something that feels easy or feels simple can actually have a drastic you know drastic effect and you know what you are so right about that that you know really and truly it's not you know cuz people are always asking you know what do I do what's the best way to do this what's the best way to do that your the best way is whatever way works for you yeah you know no one wants to hear about though well you know I think


Keto Advanced  there's an interesting kind of conundrum out there where you know people kind of want to be just told what to do yeah you know make me a meal plan tell me what to eat um and that's great no but at the same time it kind of ignores the fact that like you gotta find something that works for you and it's gonna work for you for more than just two weeks exactly um you know so whether it's exercise or changing your diet or finding a new you know making a new healthy habit finding ways to handle stress these are all areas where there's just a multitude of different ways to get there and ultimately the best one is gonna be the thing that works best for you and that's the you know it's easy for you to incorporate in your life because having