Nintendo has not yet announced what will be the next version of the application, but its mobile development partners, Hoon Kang Sheng, president of DeNA's chief has said, do not expect it until near the end of the fiscal, the new application. This suggests that, after a long wait until the next smart phone game Nintendo.

An ace Institute analyst, said Hideki, especially in Japan, in Gacha mobile games only profitable business model held. However, even if Nintendo is willing to go down this road, it will be unsuccessful, he added.

"You need to have hundreds of attractive franchise character of long-running activities, Gacha make a good game, then you need to keep new role monthly increase, to keep the player," Yasuda said: "The only Nintendo fire Emblem franchise to do so. "

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., its Dragon Quest city has grown into a huge hit, it took another route, to maximize gaming revenue. Not just once, but several times - publishers, let them popular HD home console, and then open the smartphone app player, Animal Crossing Bells allowing them to spend money to make money of their franchise. It has so far released more than a dozen mobile applications Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games over three mobile phones, showing the scale of investment required. These two patents from each group have released more figures lore champion Legion, the company continues to prompt the player to get consumers their favorite hero every game.